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Welcome to my official website and thank you for visiting! I hope that you enjoy the thoughts in my blog and my worship music downloads included on the site for you for free. Most of all, I’m excited to hear from YOU! Please leave your thoughts about my music and my new book, Listening for a Silent God

If you have not read my book, it will be available online soon at both Amazon and Barnes & Nobles Bookseller from Christian Faith Publishing. The book is really from anyone who has had doubts about their faith, about “church people” and maybe even the nature of God. It explores controversial topics that are hard for both Christians and non-Christians alike.

  • Why do I feel like my prayers aren’t being heard?
  • Is there really a God who loves us?
  • Why God allows suffering?
  • Did God choose only certain people for salvation?
  • Does God really care about us at all?

The book deals with questions nearly everyone has asked themselves at one point or another. It’s raw and personal and it was necessary for me to write at a time in my life of doubt and anger. Through the process, I found new hope in Christ and why God is silent in our lives sometimes. I hope you will find it helpful in your walk too, whether you are a follower of Christ, a non-believer or someone in-between.

I’m probably just like you. I’m not a theologian or biblical expert and I’m far from perfect. I’m just a fellow Christian trying to get better at being like Him.  I hope you like the posts below and I hope you will register for the site and give our community your thoughts on hard topics and becoming stronger in our faith together.

Your friend in Christ,


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