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Why should I read your book?

Why should I read your book?

You might be asking yourself who is this no name Christian guy writing a Christian book!? How could he possibly have anything valuable to me and my spiritual walk!?  If you are thinking this, wow… that is a bit harsh but I’ll try and explain. 

In my study and research of the leading Christian writers over the years, I have seen a lot of books from highly educated Biblical scholars – both academics and church pastors. With the exception of Lee Strobel and a handful of other layperson-written books, most of the leading books are limited to people who are either from the ministry, superstar mega-church personalities or academic researchers.

I believe strongly that as everyday Christians, we have a story to tell to each other, not as experts but as people asking honest questions about their journey. Surprisingly, I’m not a complete doofus and neither are you. As a community of believers, I think we desperately need to share our hearts with each other as well as share and learn from the successes, challenges, silliness and laments of our brothers and sisters. Jesus knew that we could learn from the experiences of other Christians and that is why I wrote this book.

In Listening for a Silent God, that’s what I do. I ask some really scary questions that aren’t usually covered in Sunday School. I ask some questions that we together have asked for centuries as Christians and pondered the logical implications to some difficult issues of doctrine, relationships and the nature of God.

I hope this book is a bit like meeting a new friend, talking about some pivotal experiences, discussing some difficult questions. No judgement. Sometimes, no definitive answers. The book will hopefully give you some thoughts to pray through see where the Holy Spirit is leading you in your journey of faith.

Love you guys.

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