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Prepare and be ready. I have great things for you.

Prepare and be ready. I have great things for you.

First, I thought I was a bit delusional or that I made it up in my mind. This morning, I had a dream that I was completely unready to lead worship at a church. Not my own church but another. I was met with love and compassion by the people but I felt so broken, like I had not prepared for what God had in store that day.  Then, the crazy thing happened…

I woke up and deep within my heart, I heard these words.

“Prepare and be ready. I have great things for you.”

When I got up, I told my wife what had happened and she prayed for me to have wisdom and something very profound. “Lord, don’t let this be a blip (easily forgotten) in my life.”

In these times, I believe many Christians will be dreaming dreams and seeing visions, receiving words of wisdom from our Father. Don’t dismiss them. Let them be a milestone in your life to follow God’s will. Pick up your Bible and pray for God’s direction and wisdom.

Don’t let these times slip away from you. In these perilous times, don’t be a blip on the radar but be a servant like Elijah.

Click here and listen to Rich Mullins and let God speak to you today.

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