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Are you Listening for a Silent God?

Have you ever been angry with God? Have you ever felt like your prayers were useless and that God just walked away from you? That’s exactly where I was a few years ago. My book is a journey of nearly 14 years of spiritual wandering that culminated in anger, frustration and doubt. It was excruciating but it was a journey that […]

Why should I read your book?

You might be asking yourself who is this no name Christian guy writing a Christian book!? How could he possibly have anything valuable to me and my spiritual walk!?  If you are thinking this, wow… that is a bit harsh but I’ll try and explain.  In my study and research of the leading Christian writers over the years, I have […]

The Paradox of Predestination

One year later, I’m still pondering the issue of predestination and election and how these things could possibly exist within the context of our all knowing, all loving and perfectly just God.  I don’t think it is completely and utterly out of the question that election and predestination are real things that God has ordained… but it is hard for […]