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About Keith’s book

Hello friends,

Thank you for visiting my website. If you would have asked me a few years ago that I would be publishing a Christian book today, I would have told you that you were crazy. I was at a time when my faith was at an all-time low and I was even beginning to think that God might be a figment of my imagination. I was angry, tired and confused about the church, the Bible and the nature of God Himself.  Sound familiar?

In my book Listening for a Silent God, I share a lot of very personal things that have shaped my life that may not be all that different than your own story. Loss, fear, feeling alone and betrayed and most importantly, feeling like God had gone silent in my life were all parts of my journey. The book describes how I began to question God and the church in ways I never thought I would or could. The first 4 chapters give an overview of how that progression began and just how close I felt my faith had almost died.

But, through the process of writing and studying God’s Word, He began to rewrite my journey and put a mirror in front of my face showing me that He had not left.  Most importantly, He gave me hope in seeing that my suffering was bringing new meaning to my faith in so many ways. I discovered how a very specific human biblical doctrine had created a growing bitterness and anger against God that was tearing my faith apart.  The book chronicles my journey from suffering and anger to clarity and forgiveness and addresses many hard topics in a logical way that I believe the Holy Spirit used to strengthen and bring me back to a growing relationship with Jesus.

I hope the book blesses your walk with Christ and that it helps to bring a clarity to your faith in new ways.

Be well.

Your friend,


ps. Many thanks to the wonderful people at Christian Faith Publishers for supporting the book and believing that it would touch the lives of people who are hurting and searching for hope in Christ.